Beach Safety

Going to the beach one last time before school starts? Make sure your family is safe!

What is a Legume?

Legume is a fun word to say, but do you know what it is? Listen to today’s program to find out!

The Benefit of 30 Day Challenges

Have you done a 30 day challenge diet? It’s a great way to change old habits, and start new ones. The key is staying consistent after the challenge is over.

Rebooting The Post Vacation Budget

Vacations are fun, and a valuable time to be with your family. But they can also be very expensive. It’s easy to lose track of where all the money is going. Make sure to have a budget so you don’t overspend, and pack some extra in your budget for emergencies, and unexpected expenses.

Protecting Your Family’s Eyes and Ears

It’s never been more important to monitor what your kids are watching and listening to. Communicate with them what your expectations are, and protect them from harmful influences.

Heat Related Illnesses

The summer heat can bear down and make life miserable, and heat related illnesses can sneak up on you. Be aware of the symptoms and how to deal with them to protect yourself, and your family.

Don’t Bug Me

Don’t let bugs ruin your Summer. There’s are effective ways to deal with them.